Hot Cars For The Holiday Season

The trees are up —glittering with lights and Christmas decors. Everything in the house is all Red-Green-Gold. Christmas season is indeed fast approaching. You are all ready and prepped to attend parties and balls everywhere inn town, but the question is, do you have the ride to get you there?

Holiday season is full of events and gatherings, it may require you to buy your own car, or a great alternate would be to lease a car from SoBe VIP car rentals. Most people find renting more convenient since you don’t need to maintain the car, just drive and park, hassle-free. There are some though who prefer to buy these cars.

Christmas season is one perfect time to buy new cars as gifts — for yourself or for your loved ones. It’s not just in the movies that these cars are bought and tied with a big red ribbon, during the gift-giving season, brand new cars are among the most common gift ideas ever since the beginning of time. Here are the statistics, according to

“But does anyone really get a new car under Christmas tree? The short answer is yes. A five-year average ranks December as the top month for total U.S. car sales, with about one in every 10 vehicles for the year rolling off dealership lots in the final month.”

According to Consumer Affair:

“ says buying a new car at the end of the calendar year remains a good strategy√ā¬†because it’s based on when the dealer is most eager to negotiate. At the end of the year dealers may discount vehicles on their lot in order to meet annual sales goals. Salesmen sharpen their pencils in an effort to boost their end-of-the-year bonus.”

Who wouldn’t be happy to receive a car, right? At any occasion, anyone would be ecstatic to receive cars as a gift. Take this reaction from the video below. Here’s one reaction that will surely convince you how happy you’ll be making someone by giving them the gift of wheels this Christmas: