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appeared to be engaged in a speed contest at the time of the accident. They were questioned and released pending further investigation and a review by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.San Diego Truck Accident Attorney. Anyone who has ever been involved in an auto accident knows just how troublesome the situation can be. People try to claim it was the other person’s fault, cars need to be repaired, and many other things can be going on all in the same time period..san diego. crash Sepolio’s attorney, Paul Pfingst, argued that his client’s BAC could have been under .08 percent. pfingst said there was no evidence that Sepolio was on his phone arguing with his.Truck Accident Attorneys Serving San Diego, California Truck Accident off of the San Diego freeway causing a crash and injuring other drivers. A trail of devastation is left after most truck accident cases. Due to the weight of the vehicles, complete destruction is usually the outcome, especially if you are involved in a crash while on the freeway.Call San Diego truck accident attorney Richard Morse for a free consultation. Truck Accidents-Dangerous and Deadly. While any vehicle accident can result in serious injuries or death, when a passenger vehicle collides with a semi-truck, the odds that those in the passenger vehicle will be.Hernandez, a stonemason who became disabled in an accident in 2015, is unable to work. who are homeless for the same behavior,” the class action states. san Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott said in.San Diego Truck Accident attorney. commercial trucks, also known as “semi trucks,” “semi trailers,” or “tractor trailers,” are one of the most common sights on.Most Common Injuries Sustained in San Diego Truck Accidents. In addition to identifying the most common factors contributing to collisions, our San Diego truck accident attorneys have also become familiar with common injuries.Should you be involved in a collision, you are most likely to sustain the following injuries:It was part of his classes in the Alcohol and Other Drugs program, which is part of the Occupational Health Services program in San Diego County. Defense attorney Rafael Acosta told the jury,